Photo Essay: The Ocean of Blogging

Isaiah 26: 3b: And those who walk in pride He is able to humble. (NIV)

 Morning is dawning on my entry into the ocean of social media known as blogging.

With months of preparation behind me, and feeling assured that my writing is how God leads me to share my faith, I begin releasing work I’ve toiled over, prayed about and asked my Heavenly Father to use as He will. Blue skies are above and placid waters surround me. It looks like smooth sailing ahead. 

Before long, however, I expect to see a few clouds gathering, the water growing choppy as my persistence is tested. Can I count on God to provide the inspiration I need, give me the creativity to write interesting stories and essays and have them ready in time for the next posting? Will I remain steady in my work?

Further on my journey I may see a storm brewing with darkening clouds. High winds and waves knock me into waters teeming with sharks, also known as pride. If my blog has few visitors and few comments, my ego might convince me to give up. You were never meant to be a writer, it says. If my blog takes off and does exceedingly well, self-importance may cause me to believe I don’t need God after all. I’ve got it.  The problem with pride is that it clouds the water with deception causing me to believe I’m in control, as though hard work alone can produce lots of readers and sales. Not true.

My job is to be faithful. To come to my computer and write. To do the research necessary to make my work accurate and interesting. To edit my work, have others review it until it’s the best I can make it. What happens next is God’s job. Will He send it out into the world to influence millions? It’s possible. Will He direct it to a specific few? Perhaps. Maybe my readers will come and go, taking what they need at the time and moving on.

Once I deal with the shark of pride, I’ll move into calmer seas again. Peace surrounds me. The sun rises and sets in the Lord, a glorious sight, and I am content with where He leads me and the way He places my work.

So, as I ease into this ocean of blogging, I look forward to interacting with you and I hope my posts give you encouragement, help you learn something, provide a chuckle now and then and most importantly, bring praise and glory to God.