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Devotional: Christmas at Doris’s

My sister and brother-in-law, Doris and Eligia met and married thirty-eight years ago, he bringing six children into the marriage, she five. When they come together for their Christmas party the rooms are bustling with people: their kids, grand-kids, great grand-kids, always a baby or two, old family friends, aunts and uncles, boyfriends and girlfriends, and outside a goat and three dogs. One happily whips his tail against my leg as I click pictures.

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Devotional: Veteran's Day Thoughts

Our son Jon is a Marine veteran. He served in Afghanistan in 2010, a hard year for several reasons, but most of all because he was in a faraway land with a fierce enemy pursuing him. Trust became a huge issue. We begged the Lord to bring our son and the other men and women who were in harm’s way, home safe. At the same time we had to be prepared in case things did not go well. What if Jon came back with a devastating injury? What if he returned with his body intact, but had PTSD so severe he couldn’t function? What if he didn’t make it back at all?

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Devotional: Almost to the Bottom of the Hill

What constitutes being over the hill? My mother just had her eighty-eighth birthday! Some would say she’s definitely over the hill, even almost to the bottom of the other side. Sometimes I look at her and wonder what it feels like to be so old, to know so much, to perhaps think there is not much use to plan anything. After all, at her age and with poor health isn’t even one more day almost a miracle?

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