Devotional: Almost to the Bottom of the Hill

Psalm 73:26: My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. (English Standard Version)

What constitutes being over the hill? My mother just had her eighty-eighth birthday! Some would say she’s definitely over the hill, even almost to the bottom of the other side. Sometimes I look at her and wonder what it feels like to be so old, to know so much, to perhaps think there is not much use to plan anything. After all, at her age and with poor health isn’t even one more day almost a miracle?

But wait. Does that mean that at a certain age we can throw in the towel, our service to God finished? Hardly. Although we no longer have the energy, the quick mind of our youth, we have life experiences worth sharing and more available time to listen and counsel.

If you’re thinking you’re past your prime and God has nothing new in store for you, think again. When I think of people still being of use to God even though they’re old, I think of the those bringing cookies for the VBS workers, those sharing their words of wisdom in a Sunday school class, those picking up the phone to call someone who is ill, those who encourage their health care workers and fellow patients in a rehab or nursing home. Even as we grow older and our health fails, God has work for us.

As long as He is the strength of our hearts and our portion, and we allow Him to make us useful, we’ll never be over the hill. Instead, we’ll stand at the top, gazing out, looking for our next task.

Almighty God, help us make ourselves available, and see how much more there is to accomplish and enjoy as we serve You. Amen