What Bugs Me: Stray Shopping Carts

Know what bugs me? A grocery cart parked in the middle of the aisle so I can’t get past. You know what I’m talking about. There’s a person standing there, studying the cans of soup, totally oblivious to anyone else. As you’re approaching you think they’ll see you and move the buggy. They don’t. They just can’t find that chicken noodle soup that’s straight in front of them. When you say “Excuse me,” they finally come out of their stupor and move their cart.

I for one have never left my cart in the middle of the aisle. Wait! Do I feel my nose growing? Okay I’ve been guilty too. Here’s the thing though. We grow lax in our driving when it’s only a cart in a store. Think of all you can get by with: driving on the wrong side of the road (lane), parking in a place that obstructs traffic, leaving your vehicle (buggy) unattended while you go look for something else, or cause a traffic back up while you chat with a friend. You can pass when there’s oncoming traffic, and if you bump someone else’s cart, a simple “Excuse me” will suffice. No need to exchange phone numbers and insurance companies. You even get to set your own speed limit, all without getting a ticket.

Some have suggested store cart driver’s training. But why? It’s our one chance to break all the rules and who doesn’t love that? Besides, there’s never a fatality in a store because of a reckless driver. Nobody blows a horn at you or gives you the finger although some may want to. Somehow we all get along as we push our carts through the store, looking for our own can of soup.

Tell me what bugs you.