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What Bugs Me: Getting to Sleep

Know what aggravates me? The way my husband can go to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. We get into bed. I start out on my back. He turns to his left side. I begin to think of all that’s happened during the day. His breathing slows and grows heavy. I try to relax my facial muscles while he transcends into a gentle snore. 

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What Bugs Me: Where's Our Food?

When the three tables around us at a restaurant get their food even though we’ve been waiting 45 minutes, I start to feel annoyed. We walk into a restaurant starving. We get seated right off and the hostess hands us our menus. The server comes by and gets our drink orders and then our food orders. All is going well. We figure we’ll be eating within minutes. Only we aren’t. We sit there about twenty minutes getting hungrier. In the meantime, people who have come in after us are getting their food. Then we notice all the tables around us are getting their food, some of them have finished eating and are leaving. By now we’re drooling. Even the bowl of greens and the fried liver on the table next to us are starting to look good.

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What Bugs Me: Stray Shopping Carts

Know what bugs me? A grocery cart parked in the middle of the aisle so I can’t get past. You know what I’m talking about. There’s a person standing there, studying the cans of soup, totally oblivious to anyone else. As you’re approaching you think they’ll see you and move the buggy. They don’t. They just can’t find that chicken noodle soup that’s straight in front of them. When you say “Excuse me,” they finally come out of their stupor and move their cart.

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