What Bugs Me: Where is it?

I'm making chili. I reach for the can of pinto beans in the cupboard. It isn't there. I think back over the last trip to the store. Pinto beans was on the list, I'm sure. I remember reaching for it and even unpacking it at home. Okay, where is it? Exasperation sets in.

I open the pantry wider and pull out the sliding drawer that holds my canned vegetables. Pinto beans should be easy to find. The can is fatter than the others and has a bright yellow label. I see it. No, that's the can of white beans. 

I pull out the drawer above and search through the back-up items: Croutons, bread crumbs, olives. salad dressings. Not there. In the meantime, the ground beef browns and I add tomatoes and sauce to it. I dump in the packets of chili sauce, putting off searching the bottom rack of the pantry. There are always problems there. 

Finally I drag over a chair and start sorting through everything crammed in the lowest shelf, which doesn't pull out. A bottle of olive oil falls to the floor. I notice a loaf of hamburger buns green with mold. The open box of creamers topples over and little containers take off, rolling like pine wood derby cars. Told You. Trouble.

I begin setting stuff on the counter-top as I search.  The flour sprinkles a layer of dust on the floor. I find three canisters of cocoa and a box of out-of-date rice. But no beans.

I sit back and cross my arms. I know I bought them. I remember putting them away. Maybe they're in the overflow cupboard downstairs. I hurry to look. Not there.

I stand, huff and am about to go put on my shoes and head to the store when I see the pinto beans sitting on the second shelf, just as it should be.

By now I'm reduced to talking to the can. "Where have you been? I've looked all over for you." I grab it as though it's an unruly child hiding from me. I pull open the tab and dump it in the chili. 

I knew I had that can of beans. 

Ever been frustrated when you couldn't find something? Tell me about it.