What Bugs Me: Inconsiderate Drivers

The light turns green. You're ready to go. Then some guy in front of you begins motioning cars on the side street to come on out. That bugs me. 

You’ve seen them. They keep waving for car after car to enter while the rest of us sit and wait. Then the generous person allows himself enough time to get through the light before it turns red again, leaving behind those who have already sat through one light.

What’s that about anyway? I mean do they ever think about us? We want to get to our destination too.

Okay, I’ll go along with letting one car out at each traffic stop. That seems appropriate and mannerly. The rest of us waiting can give that much, but beyond that should get a ticket.

I say we contact our legislators. Let’s tell them to stop worrying about producers labeling food Natural because it confuses the public. I mean if someone is bright enough to push a cart through a store, he or she can probably figure out the term Natural basically means nothing. Instead, we need a law about traffic light etiquette.

So, the next time someone keeps motioning people out from a side street while you sit and wait, take that opportunity to look up your legislators name and number and file a formal complaint. Those who wait in line behind you, frustrated and shaking their fists will thank you.

Tell me what bugs you.