Photo Essay: All Our Friends

Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.
— Charles Spurgeon

A friend is like a warm fire shielding you from the blizzard of life. Perhaps your best friend is your husband, wife, mother, sister or brother.


A friend is like the fresh green leaves of spring with an exuberance for life. Maybe your special friend has four legs. Yep - dogs, cats, even goats and other animals can endear themselves to us and lighten a day's troubles.


A friend is like a summer thunderstorm, full of vengeance if her friend is mistreated. Do you have a friend you've known for many years? One you can trust with any secret?


We have church friends, work friends, people we meet in particular circumstances who become friends. We are a friend to ourselves, hopefully.   


The best friend of all is like the fall leaves rustling as you walk through the woods. You sense His presence and delight in the many colors of His personality. Yes, the Lord is our most faithful friend. But isn't He gracious to enhance our lives with people and pets we love too and allow us to carve our names on their hearts. 

IMG_6790 (2).JPG

Written by: Linda Sawyer