Travel: Dream More - Part 2

When James and I spent a weekend celebrating his birthday at Dolly Parton's Dream More Resort in May, we found natural beauty, relaxation and many surprises. Last month on this blog we ventured inside the hotel. This month we take a look at the resort grounds, 100 acres of beauty and serenity. Sitting on the front grounds of the resort is a fountain with a different message on the four sides. Dream more. Learn more. Be more. Care more.

In the evenings, the crisp mountain air and the sound of the flowing water are soothing as we watch the fountain change to four different colors. 

 We discover this all natural butterfly which actually attracts the smaller version. 

A butterfly flits from one lily to the next. 

The Swimming Hole is popular in late afternoon when families start returning from the park. We didn't expect a lifeguard on duty, but it has one. There's an indoor pool as well. 

There are a couple of fire pits where families gather on chilly evenings.

The pastoral setting seems to be all ours this morning while most of the guests are off the property.

We sit and take in the quiet and beauty.

It's like being hundreds of miles from civilization. 

We're surprised at the number of fountains. 

This one overflows its walls and meanders toward the pool.

Here's something we didn't know. When Dolly visits the area she stays in her RV. It's parked behind the hotel within these gates.

And when do you ever see a deluxe playground and a set up for two corn hole games at a hotel?

About this time somebody rings the dinner bell and we head toward the scrumptious aroma of grilled meat. 

The barn is a gathering place for food and music. Today they're grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. There's also smoked barbecue and fixings. 

After lunch we head back to Dollywood for our free day. Guests who purchase park tickets go the next day free, and as early as you like both days. We haven't been to the park every season, but the fall decorations and the winter lights festival are outstanding. 

The Christmas decorations are especially beautiful and last through January first.

Dolly Parton had dreams. She's still dreaming. When the fires burned over a thousand homes in Sevier County, TN during the November 2016 fires, the Dollywood Foundation donated $1,000 a month for six months to permanent residents who lost their homes. Then with the last payment came a surprise: an additional $5,000 to each affected family. What are your dreams? Do you wonder, what could I accomplish? How could I make a difference in the world? How can I make my dreams come true? 

As we leave Dream More and head for home, I notice her farewell message and think about the song with the same title, her greatest in my opinion. A little love, a strong determination, faithfully praying each day and our dreams can come true too. I really believe it!

Tell me about your experiences at Dream More.